Felda ice baths.. Ouch!!!

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That’s my cold face!!
New ice baths in Felda keeping me right lately..


Triathy..Double or quits!!

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Since the tour of the Mournes all focus has been to triathy double olympic( 3k swim/yuk!!!, 80k bike/lovely!!!,20k run/jurys out!!!) Read the rest of this entry »

Well what a week(last week!!!).. Those of you who know me and have been around me this week know how  nuts its been. I will only be too glad to see the back of it and get back training and getting into a routine again. Read the rest of this entry »


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With the racing season now underway it seems I am the only one not doing the racing!!.. well- I have got a couple of races in.. The race times and when they come up just dont suit me in terms of work and family life.. I think the word I am looking for is ‘Balance’.. I think I have it ok.. With all my training I get my fix every few weeks with a hard saddle between my thighs…

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John Haldane 50 miler..

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Last Sunday saw the start of my race season.. Arch rivals Newry wheelers had their annual John haldane memorial race, a 50 mile 5 lap affair of the warrenpoint carriageway.

The Race was handicapped with the a3’s off 4 minutes ahead of A2’s & A1’s.. I was in the latter group.. The carraigeway in my view tends to suit the group in front because they can see the chasing pack..

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New year new Goals..

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Those who log in for a wee nose on my blog might have noticed I haven’t posted in a while..so a quick update should kill a quiet half hour…

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I came,I saw I ….

Posted: November 14, 2010 in Race Reports, Uncategorized

Race reports are generally written straight away after a  race if you got the result you were looking for. You wanna tell the world how deadly you are or in my case how deadly i wasnt…;-) … Well Im gonna break that trend..

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Not long now..

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The training is almost done, and November 13th is firmly in my sights now. From here I am imagining the race, going over  it again and again in my head. This is where the obsession of this sports gets you. A full years training going down to one race. All angles must be covered. Read the rest of this entry »

10 miler in Armagh…

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Last Sunday saw myself,  wife Karen and son Rían head for a day out in Armagh. Convieniently I happened to see a 10 mile race on the same day so  promised I’d be back   around 50 minutes (ish)… (hopefully)

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Ulster 100 Video Evidence!

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