The Road to South Africa

Posted: January 11, 2012 in Uncategorized
Santa arrived and brought a bike. One fit for a 2.5 year old. He is up to 4 miles a week now. We are going to practice our brick sessions next month. Dismounts are second nature at this point. ‘I winning daddy’ are words we hear a lot around the house as he escapes through the kitchen door and down the hall. ‘I did it’ and ‘Watch this’ are heard regularly throughout the day. The new thing is standing while riding or using his 9 month old sister as a cone to go around. Where he gets it from I’ve no idea.

South Africa 70.3
I am preparing for my first season racing in the pro category. Technically I am a pro but Baldwin Jewellers still pay the bills. It is very easy to say this and make the big decision to race pro but there is the little detail of ‘extra training’ that needs to be addressed. Theres no hiding place. If I want to compete and race a bit harder I need to get out rain hail or snow. I still work, so everything becomes an even bigger juggling act.To give you an idea of my normal week last season. It would consist of something in the region of 8-12 hours of training per week. Now I am training upwards towards 20 hours. Still way off what the big guns are

at or even wee guns at that!!! The body cant just jump straight into that sort of bulk so a sensible approach is needed. That’s why I have got back into the Gym and started to lift the metal again. Under the tutorship of Barry Martin who operates out of the Avenue Rd gym I am in good hands. Barry has extensive knowledge and has tailored a programme suited for my type of activity.

I have entered South Africa 70.3 on the 22 nd of January. The 70.3(miles) stands for the total distance. 1.9km swim- 90km bike and 21.1 km run. It is a bit of a trek to South Africa but it is a race I have always wa
nted to do. This race would be classified as a C race with little importance. My ‘A’ race is Lanzarote in May so South Africa is all about learning and with a bit of luck racing well. My preparation hasn’t been ideal. I’m only coming off antibiotics from a chest infection. It really has put me backward and knocked the stuffing out of me. I hope it wont effect my race and that the virus has cleared up on time. I’m not worried about missed training sessions as I have plenty of miles in the legs. My sickness is partly my own fault where I pushed too hard in training. It really is a fine line.Im in good nic for this time of year…for me!. I raced a couple of foot races over the festive period and they went well. I laced up in a partner 10 miles over the lumps, bumps and CLIMBS of castlewellan with Gary O Hanlon. I NEVER EVER want to do that race again…. but i will. It is the hardest race of the year. I reach heart rate levels i do not touch ever in that race. We finished 2nd. I was the bad cog. Gary O hanlon is a sub 15min 5k, sub 29min 10k, and Dundalks finest runner! I can boost I ran with the famous gary o hanlon. hehehe! When gary wanted to chat I wanted to breathe.

Back to SA

I know little about the race and the course. The field is full of top quality athletes, one including the world record holder Mario vanhoenacker. There are a few Urber bikers in the race so It will be good to lock horns. Hopefully come the 22 nd I’m fit am healthy to give a good account of myself. Rob has got me to a place i want to be. Myself and my accomplice/ Bag handler Pat fly out Saturday 14th.. ;-)

  1. Alex says:

    Good luck Brian – what bike are you riding?

    • On the trusty trek sc.. New motor hasn’t arrived.. To answer your next question I don’t know what that motor is yet..:))

      • Alex says:

        I’d wait to see what this cervelo P5 looks like….
        Castlewellan Cracker – best race of the year. Disappointed to have missed it but will be back this year… so much fun.

  2. Brianán McBride says:

    From what I’ve heard about Castlewellan once you ran it you can face anything… The very best of luck and you’ll do Dundalk proud.

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